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To us, responsible design means quite simply, making better choices. Throughout our almost-twenty years in business, we’ve always been guided by integrity. This means being transparent across all facets of our operations – from design practices to partnerships with suppliers. Integrity has driven our decisions from the beginning and continues to be our guide today. The industry’s approach to sustainability has drastically shifted during this time, and now the design values that have always been integral to our brand have become heightened within public consciousness.

The increased awareness around sustainability presents a meaningful opportunity for brands to do better and for us to continue to grow and develop. Acknowledging that sustainability is ongoing and ever-changing we’re working to shape a future we’re proud of. As we build our roadmap, we invite you to read below the progress we have made already, as well as our future plans.


We believe our clothing can positively impact each pair of hands that helps to create it. Through symbiotic partnerships we not only create beautiful pieces, but partner for purpose through all of our creative endeavours.

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Often taking inspiration from our surroundings and the world around us, as a brand we don’t just pay homage to nature in our designs, we actively strive to lessen our environmental impact in our practices.

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With a future-focused outlook, we embrace new sustainability initiatives and developments. Prosperity for us is about building opportunities to put frameworks and funds in place for a better future and business.

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If you'd like to read our current roadmap, you can view it here.