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Story: Khadi Cotton

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Above: Amira wears the Molten Dress in Minta / Oiled.

We're so pleased to have our summer offering of Khadi cotton pieces now available to shop. Khadi fabric is beautifully lightweight, durable, water absorbent, and has a soft hand feel. The handmade nature of this fabric means that each piece differs slightly and is unique; there is harmony, balance, and rhythm to the weave of each piece. The word Khadi is derived from “Khaddar”, a term used for the hand-spun fabric of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Khadi fabric is predominantly made from cotton, but depending on the region, some Khadi fabric is made from silk or wool. Khadi is known for its handwoven texture and delicate feel — it is able to keep the body cool during summer and warm during winter.

Above: Ajok wears the Jai Dress in Minta / Oiled, Hawa Short detail, Molten Dress detail, Daria in the Jai Dress in Leather Coffa.

Khadi is made by artisans using a cotton yarn that is hand-spun on a wheel, or “charkha”. The yarn is then woven into fabric by hand using looms. Khadi differs from other fabrics in that the yarn has been hand-spun and then handwoven into fabric, resulting in a softer, finer fabric than those using a yarn that has been machine-processed. Khadi cotton pieces are gentler on the planet as they remove the need for any heavy duty machinery and harsh chemicals during the processing of the fabric. Each piece of Khadi fabric is unique, adding to its beauty and appeal.

Below left: Amira wears the Molten Dress in Minta / Oiled. Below right: Amira wears the Amer Shirt in Minta / Oiled, the Scope Top, Brandi Short and Noon Cap.

Each year, we collaborate with artisans in India to produce a limited number of Khadi cotton pieces. The results each time are beautiful and astounding to us — we are so grateful to be able to offer Khadi cotton pieces, not just for their beauty but for the friendships they represent to us.

We’re so pleased to present our summer collection of Khadi cotton pieces, now available to shop.


Melissa Leong wears the Jai Dress in Leather / Coffa. Photo: Caroline McCredie.


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