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In Focus: Beach Towels 2022

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In 2009 we were lucky enough to meet a brilliant weaver who was working on unique handlooms of various homewares. His creativity and skill inspired us to join forces and develop a series of hand-loomed beach towels that we commission each year. They take almost a year to complete from sketch to product and this program is the heart of our handmade ethos.

Each towel is unique; not only is the cotton grown locally it is also hand spun and then hand-loomed and woven. The looms themselves take a number of days to set up and one weaver makes the entire piece. We have watched the towels being woven and it is a hypnotic experience that is made to look easy by these highly talented weavers. There is harmony, balance and emotion that is imbued into the weave, each one slightly different.

The results are stunning and we look forward to their arrival each year. The depth of the colour, the colour combinations and the innovative weave gives you superior absorbency without weight and makes these beach towels extra special.

The village where they are made is a lush subtropical corner of India that is little known, we travelled there to meet the community and was struck by its beauty and artistry. Every year we do something different and each weaver brings some of their own flair. Over the years they have become collectors items and we are immensely proud of them, not only as beautiful items but because of the collaboration and connection we have to the people who make them.

Our signature has become the handmade pom poms that often edge our towels. They are made over many days and strung together in such a detailed way, adding a perfect finish. Portable works of art, hand made in limited edition.


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