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Artists Program: Catie Allen + Jay Button

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The idea behind our artist program is to facilitate creative interpretations of our collections - working with creatives whose work we love and giving them free reign to do what they do, is an exciting way to discover our pieces in a new light.

A creative collaboration between creative film/photography and art direction duo Catie Allen and Jay Button, "Elevated" emerges as a series that challenges the conventional constraints of the fashion realm. Drawing inspiration from the unexpected interplay of clothing within diverse environments and contexts. With the intent of conveying a message of effortless sophistication, this body of work defies the notion that urban fashion and coastal living must remain distinct entities.

"Elevated" serves as a reflection of my own multi-faceted personality, seamlessly merging the urban landscape with the special connection I hold for the ocean, and epitomizing this fusion through the versatile garments crafted by Jac + Jack. In this collection, the art of dressing for summer transforms into a seamless blend of chic and ease.

The garments empower individuals to express themselves effortlessly on any occasion. The mission is to enrich your daily life with an elevated sense of style and comfort, enabling you to embrace each moment with unwavering confidence. "Elevated" extends an invitation to break free from the confines of tradition and embrace a world where fashion and style knows no bounds. In this world, cityscapes and shorelines converge, and you have the freedom to become whomever you desire, whenever you wish.

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