In 2005 our first Winter collection was launched, it consisted of 12 sweaters and 4 t-shirts, the idea was pretty simple, to design a brand that stood for quality, minimalism and wearability. To this day when we think of Jac + Jack and the brand we have become, we often refer to that very first collection. From the beginning, we wanted to map out our journey and part of that was keeping a comprehensive back catalogue of our work, saving pieces we found represented each phase of our evolution. Some pieces represent real moments in our development and perhaps some that are best forgotten, but it was always intended that one day we would pull it all out and do something special with it.


Over the years the archive grew to include thousands of pieces. After spilling out of our main storage, it found it’s way to Jac’s own storage. We referenced it over the years pulling out pieces that served as inspiration for new ideas and starting points for new collections.

All the work, all the dreams, all the ideas and all the passion that both Lisa and I share for creating beautiful, timeless, quality pieces. These are the pieces that built what we know Jac + Jack to be today, it’s our story in clothes. We did a bit of soul searching last year and it felt like it was time to let these pieces live again. Clothes are meant to be worn and while close to our hearts we knew it was time to let them go and be loved by someone else.We've gone through each box and curated the most incredible collection of one and only’s, made up of our back catalogue, rare pieces that are probably the most unique and elevated of all our styles, never to be repeated again for both men and women.

We are offering them for sale at our Bondi and Paddington store starting on Thursday 21st May 2020 and will run until sold out. Lisa has personally taken great care to merchandise these pieces with our current collection and while it feels a little bittersweet, we have such pride and joy in sharing these pieces with you. We hope you get as much fun out of wearing these pieces as we did creating them.

Jac + Lisa 
May 2020